Wellness Programs to Empower Teams

Elevate employee wellness and foster a healthier, more engaged workforce.

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Creating healthier, happier teams

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy and motivated workforce? Are your employee wellness solutions falling short of engaging and inspiring your team?

pivfit is here to revolutionize your workplace’s well-being. From personalized one-on-one training to invigorating group fitness classes, we have the perfect mix of services to empower your team members on their wellness journey - all while giving back.

With pivfit, you can create:

More Engaged Workforce

pivfit makes it easy for your teams to stay in shape, deepen connections and give back to causes important to them. 

Purposeful Teams

Allowing your teams to make a difference as individuals fosters a strong company culture based on shared values.


Having a shared purpose helps cultivate teamwork and collaboration, where employees are given the chance to work towards a common goal.

Why it works

Reduce costs associated with chronic illnesses and lifestyle-related conditions.

When employees feel valued and supported, it creates a more cohesive and collaborative workplace environment.

Fosters a sense of care and support, strengthening employee commitment and increases productivity.

Through our partnership with communities in poverty, you can integrate your wellness initiatives with your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

pivfit is the right place for you

By integrating pivfit into your employee wellness strategy, you foster a positive work culture that prioritizes the health and happiness of your team members

Together, with our exceptional trainers and coaches, we’re creating a transformative experience that elevates both individual and organizational success.

Choose what works for you

1-on-1 Zoom Training

Group Classes

pivfit Concierge


Sparking healthy connections

pivfit’s Friends and Family Program enhances the joy of wellness by making it a shared activity between your friends and family.

By inviting friends and family to join pivfit, you can create a supportive and motivating environment while pursuing healthier lifestyles together.

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What our customers are saying

I really like my coach. She pushes me to better myself by planning the sessions around my weak points. The challenging exercises are things I normally would not do on my own because I tend to stay in my comfort zone and stick with that I'm good at. She holds me accountable, and it makes me stronger and more well rounded.

How it works


Sign up and create an account

Begin by signing up for pivfit’s program and creating your account. Personalize your account with fitness goals, preferences, and specific requirements.


Choose a program

Choose the services you want or explore all of them for a comprehensive fitness experience.


Workout anytime, anywhere

Simply log in to your account and get ready to engage in invigorating workouts, receive personalized coaching, or gain valuable insights into wellness and nutrition.


Enjoy and give back

100% of our profits are converted into charitable donations to support pivfit’s mission: to help eradicate poverty.

Be a pivfit Hero

At pivfit, every exercise builds towards our mission of helping to eradicate poverty in the world – through the spirit of Bayanihan.
A simple stretching routine, core workout or cardio exercise can help provide livelihood opportunities, sustainable agriculture, clean water and food packs to communities living in poverty.

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