Jaze L. Andallo, RND

Online Nutritionist – Dietician

I was consistently sick as a child and always felt weak and frail. This difficult experience underscored the role food choice and nutrition play in one’s overall health and well-being. As a result, I made it my mission to change my lifestyle and eating habits. I earned a degree in nutrition and am a registered dietitian, and now I’m on a mission to help people reframe how they think about food and nutrition. Food doesn’t have to be the culprit. It can be a valuable tool for fueling your best you! I would be happy to join you on your journey for better health.


Bachelors of Science in Holistic Nutrition with Culinary Arts and Registered Nutritionist – Dietitian


Diabetes Management, Food Journaling, Gut Health Maintenance, Lifestyle Management, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Menu Sampling, Nutrition Care & Assessment, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Recipe Evaluation