Pivfit for Good

Every movement makes a difference

Pivfit motivates teams not only through fitness but also by fostering an environment of giving. We’ll help you empower employees to get healthy and fit in ways they will enjoy – all while contributing to causes they care about.

Pivfit will help you create

More Engaged Workforce

Pivfit makes it easy for your teams to stay in shape, deepen connections and give back to causes important to them. 

Purposeful Teams

Allowing your teams to make a difference as individuals fosters a strong company culture based on shared values.


Having a shared purpose helps cultivate teamwork and collaboration, where they are given the chance to work towards a common goal.

About Pure Incubation Foundation

Pure Incubation Foundation helps eradicate the cycle of poverty in the U.S. and the Philippines by partnering with local communities to craft unique solutions that work best for them, while doing so in the most financially responsible way possible.

These are done through:


Through our flagship program Bayanihan Project, Pure Incubation Foundation aims to lift lives one community at a time, by empowering families and creating sustainable solutions.


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How you can make a difference

Making an impact can be fun and engaging. With Pivfit, you can enhance your employee engagement strategies with a corporate wellness program that lets you give back to communities in need. Here’s how to do it:


Log in to the Pivfit App

Employees will simply download the app, create an account and get started with the workouts.



Get Moving

Pivfit lets users log all types of workouts and exercises in the app.


Earn Points

Users will earn points based on how long they exercise and use the app. Points will be converted into charitable donations to support community projects organized by the Bayanihan Project.

Engaging employees with a shared purpose

A 2020 study shows that 90% of employees working
in companies with real and lasting impact on society
say that they’re more inspired, motivated and loyal.


Employees want to share goals and values with the company they work for, and contribute to its social impact initiatives. Building a workplace culture around these values will gain highly engaged, invested and enthusiastic employees.


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