No problem! You can cancel your session right from the confirmation email or on the app. Or just reach out to the pivfit concierge team for assistance at successcoach@pivfit.com or the live chat on the website.

Your sessions are good for up to 1 year after the start of your membership, as long as your membership is still active.


Not at all. We will cater the training to be beneficial to you, no matter your age.


You can view our group class schedule here.


Just login to the app or reach out to our pivfit concierge Team at successcoach@pivfit.com or the live chat on pivfit.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Our coaches will work around any injury. We are also happy to follow any guidelines that a doctor or physical therapist has given you.


We do not prescribe any supplements.


Everyone starts somewhere, and seeking training is the best way to get started. A coach will shape the program around your ability, and from there, they will help you increase your activity level. We also offer classes for all fitness levels. A pivfit concierge will help you determine which ones are right for you.

Not at all. We can design your program to use only your body weight and still give you a great workout!


Not at this time. Your membership and sessions are non-transferable and specific to you as an individual.

Absolutely. We have programs for every fitness level, and our coaches develop your program based on your ability.


No. In fact, we recommend you start off slowly, especially if you are new to working out. Even advanced exercisers should be taking rest days for their body to recover.


  • Please wear comfortable workout clothes.
  • Good hydration is crucial - drink plenty of water. 
  • Stay focused: please mute your mic and listen to your coach.
  • Leave your video on so that your coach can check your pace, form and safety.

Yes. Please visit these links for detailed instructions. 

Got more questions? Ask us anything!